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Activities and Structure

Activities and Structure

AEIAR members are dealing with same or different aspects of rural development. This is advantageous as it helps the network to cover all aspects and to promote an integrated approach for rural development for improving the quality of life in rural areas; and meanwhile for providing specific expertise on each aspect when it is needed.

Despite the diversity of fields of interest, and beyond the financial resources and mechanisms, there are two broad topics on which AEIAR members are working. The first topic mainly starts from land mechanisms and planning as instruments for rural development, while the second mainly focuses on human and natural capital as basis for rural development and the umbrella of rural development policies. Members meet therefore in two Working Groups (WG):

  • WG1 on Land issues
  • WG2 on Rural development policy (Valorisation of rural capital)

The outcomes of those WGs are communicated and shared at European level, but also used as responses for European and or international consultations.

The Administration Board manages the network by taking the main decisions concerning the validation of WGs’ outcomes, the AEIAR communication, the organisation of events, conferences, study days.

The General Secretariat is the acting cell responsible for the coordination, communication and linking the WGs with European and relevant international issues in cooperation.

The General Assembly acts as decision forum for possible new needs of the AEIAR-network and ratification regarding any fundamental decision and membership.