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Farmland forum in Wallonia / “Assises de la Terre”

December 2nd, 2022 | by Redac
Farmland forum in Wallonia / “Assises de la Terre”

The price of farmland in Wallonia is getting higher and higher without pause since the last 30 years. This generates high difficulties for farmers to access to land. Thus, the Walloon minister of Agriculture decided to renew the regional farmland policy.

In that context, a forum on farmland management was held in Wallonia (Belgium) on the 16th, 21th and 29th of November in Namur and set up by DAFOR. The topics covered were the management, transmission, and preservation of farmland.

The goals of these meetings were to establish a common diagnostic on access to land in general and for young farmers specifically and to propose new measures.

These events gathered most Walloon stakeholders i.e., notaries, real estate agencies, academics, NGO, farmers unions and administrations.

AEIAR members were invited to share their experience about farmland management and land market regulation. To feed the reflection, FNSAFER thanks to Mr. JEGOUZO and VLM thanks to Mr. VAN der SLUYS presented the action of their organization respectively in France and Flanders.

The results of the debates and contributes should give the basis of measures to ease access to land.

The presentations (in French) can be downloaded at: