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Feed back from the Study Days 2015

June 22nd, 2015 | by Redac
Feed back from the Study Days 2015


General Assembly and Study Days of AEIAR took place on 20-22 May, 2015 in Poland.


The Agricultural Property Agency of Poland (Agencja Nieruchomości Rolnych – ANR) organized this year’s General Assembly and Study Days of AEIAR, which took place in the Wielkopolska region. The event started in the heart of Wielkopolska – the city of Poznań – where GA participants could visit its monuments and get familiarized with the history of this old city.

During the Study Days they visited three companies with the State Treasury shares, which are supervised by the ANR:

  • “Spójnia” Garden Breeding and Seed Production Co. Ltd. in Nochowo,
  • DANKO Plant Breeding Co. Ltd. with head Office in Choryń,
  • and Racot Horse Stud Co. Ltd.

all located in the picturesque Wielkopolska surroundings, near the Poznań city.

Views of Poznan


Innovation and biotechnology

“Spójnia” company has the key objective of creative and conservation breeding of vegetable plant varieties and the increasing of quality of the offered seeds. Our aim is to achieve the products of the highest quality. The features of varieties we have bred are sought by different recipients and also are adjusted to the climatic and soil conditions of our country and other countries belonging to our climatic zone – said Mr. Paweł Wachowiak, the President of Company’s Board.

DANKO company is the leader of creative breeding and seed production of agricultural plants, especially cereals. The main task of our company is to increase plant production effectiveness by permanent supplying the farmers with the new varieties of improved agricultural features and seed quality – said Mrs. Zofia Banaszak, the Director of Breeding Department.

Mrs Banaszak from DANKO                                                                 Meeting at DANKO



Horse breeding

The activity of Horse Stud in Racot is focused on the breeding of the Wielkopolski and Polish Half Bred horse and the breeding of Polish Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle. Mr. Jacek Ługowski, the President of Horse Stud presented the achievements of Polish horses in sport, especially in eventing and show jumping. He also presented the history of a beautiful palace, built in XVIII century, which previously was the residence of the Jabłonowski family and now belongs to Horse Stud. AEIAR representatives could see the show of jumping led by a horse instructor, ride a carriage and visit a stable for mares with their new-born foals.

Show of horse jumping


The participants of Study Days expressed their appreciation to companies’ achievements and effects in biological progress and its meaning for the development of agriculture in general. Mr. Michel Baylac, AEIAR President, stressed how important are the contacts of Polish and foreign companies and their cooperation on academic and experimental fields.

Back to work !

During the General Assembly participants discussed organizational, administrative and financial issues and elected AEAIR Board for the next two-year term. All participants decided that all Board members successively fulfilled their functions and unanimously voted for their re-election. Mr. Volker Bruns resigned form his function of Vice-president due to his other important assignments.


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A taste of history

General Assembly and Study Days ended in the Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry in Szreniawa. The Museum and its exhibition show the history of agriculture and food industry in Poland from the pre-historical times to the present, comparing them with the European context of culture and civilization. All participants agreed they created a warm and cordial atmosphere during those days and exchanged their common experiences and good practices in agriculture.



                                                                                                                   Mr GOETZ in action !

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